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Kickstarter Campaign
August 30th - September 28th (my birthday) 2016

What a wonderful experience it was to run this Kickstarter Campaign. I felt so much love and support. It really was validating to all of the efforts of the years behind. So happy to connect with old friends and appreciate the new. 

We raised $6643!!! That's amazing!
Thank you to all who contributed - financially, in sharing of my posts, in posting of my content and giving me the 'good on ya's' that were so vital to me throughout the campaign. I really appreciated all of you. 

Happiness Is... Sept. 7th, 2016 (

Plea for Help Sept. 8th, 2016

Status Update-Big News! Sept. 9th, 2016

Status Update- Success! Sept. 28th, 2016 

Associated Videos


in order of pledge date

Margaret Jensen

JoEllen Peterman
Gay Ellis
Katie Nelson
Deborah Carver
Jason and Ruth Gray
Susan Vandeloock

Tracie Stone
Aaron Sacco
Allen Jensen
Tamara d'Auvergne
Robert Eastlack

Five Star Publications
Stella Blocker
Gal Shweike
Corina Retzlaff
Steve Lasher
Meagan Holub
Tim Draglia and Joan Miller
Leah Lovise
Ethan Azarian and Melissa Knight
Richard Culleton

Agnes, Raoul & Lazlo 

Carrie Spates
Molly Montgomery
Laurie Olson
Bob Sabiston
Sarah Lewis Dudney
Nancy Coplin
Jonathan Blocksom
Vikki King
Wade Beesley
Rowena Holden
Susan Carver
Glenna Gray
Denise Rumsey
Kelli Montgomery
Lisa Pfluger
Regina Cannon Phelps
Jan Callaway
Chris Kopacz
Len Enquist
Rebecca DeGroot

Bailey Quillin Cooper

Larry Holiday

Gary Anderson
Kendra Harris
Gordon and Jennifer Engquist
Shawn Demarest
Kerry Mosser
Blake Toleson
Harwood Blocker
David Jensen
Linda Bennett-Sacco
Kim Jensen
Bonnie Beesley
Conrad J. Storad
Kevin Byrne
Yuval Peres
Amy Asay
Audie Alcorn
Bruce Stiles
Anna Karlin
Paul Beck
Michelle McCarthy

Stephanie Koury
Lizzie, Silas and Ian Moore
Paige Eastlack

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